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🌞 Only few suggestions to improve Light Mode while UI Designing

Hey — it's Akash.

In UI Kit I created 🌞 Light Mode & 🌚 Dark Mode.

I learned a few things to improve Light Mode while UI Designing:

  • Balancing Contrast between text and background.

  • Correct selection & combination of font styles for heading and body text.

  • Balance colors for primary text and secondary text.

  • Negative space is essential for a good design.

  • The shadow under an object should never be too black.

  • Icons for a website or an app, make sure all of them belong to one icon Family.

  • Lorem Ipsum text in design looks cheap and unprofessional so avoid using it.

I hope you found this insightful or if you already knew it then I just wanted to remind you.

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Talk to you soon 🙋‍♂️
Akash Solanki


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